20 years of experience in information technology means we’ve seen and done it all.


Website Development & CMS Implementation

We’ve been building sites since before Content Management Systems (CMS) were a thing. Since then, we’ve worked with dozens. There are pros and cons to each, depending on your business’ needs and budget.


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Desktop and Mobile Application Development

We develop and support cross-platform (iOS and Android) mobile applications through a variety of solutions such as Microsoft Xamarin, Adobe PhoneGap, and ASP.Net Zero. For most use cases, these stacks provide a quicker go to market solution at a cost that can be much less than native application development.

Need native Windows desktop application? Yeah, we do those as well!

Search Engine Marketing / Optimization

Your website is only useful if your customers can FIND it. And they’ll only stay if your content is ENGAGING. While we can’t write your copy for you, we can help you establish best practices to keep your site on Google’s nice-list. Little things like JSON-LD and Microdata, Open Graph Tags and tracking pixels. We’ll get you set up with the tagging and analytics specific to your industry, plus give you the tools to track and measure your success over time.

Compliance Audits

We’ve had clients across many verticals including Finance, Healthcare, and Pharmaceutical. Each has its own unique set of regulations that must be adhered to.

Whether it’s PCI compliance for credit card processing or HIPAA protections for patient data, you’d be surprised how often one little misstep can leave your vulnerable to regulatory failures, lawsuits, and general feelings of downright embarrassment!

Code Audits

A second set of eyes never hurts. Ask four developers to code something, and you’ll get four different solutions. We get this. When we perform routine code audits, it’s to check for items such as:
  • Third-party libraries: Are these up-to-date? Still supported? Any known critical vulnerabilities?
  • Licensing: Are you complying with the Terms and Conditions of the software you’re using? Even fonts have license restrictions!
  • Edge-case scenarios: Your contact form works great – until someone puts text in a field designed for a zip code. A more complex example – I have a friend whose last name is “Null”. He has problems every day on websites because no one thought of this possibility.
  • Load-Testing – Can your code (or heck, your whole site) handle a sudden influx of traffic due to special promotions or national recognition?
  • SQL Injection - Are database calls properly escaped beforehand?
  • So much more - but we can't give away all our secrets!

Security Best Practices

Nothing is un-hackable. Microsoft, Apple, and Google have spent billions of dollars and years in development, and vulnerabilities are still discover all the time. Does this mean you can’t protect yourself? Of course not! But, you can be proactive and lessen the chance of an incident
  • Patch schedules - The underlying operating system (Windows, Linux, etc) and supporting software (IIS, PHP, MySQL, the list goes on) all have regular updates that must be applied to keep you safe. Depending on your hosting provider, some of these will be their responsibility and some will be yours.
  • Port configurations - Everything you do on the web goes through a port. 80 and 443 are used for website traffic, 25 is used for mail, the list goes on (about 65,535 times!) Leaving ports open that you don’t need open is a great way to invite problems.
  • Firewalls and VPN - Remember those ports we talked about? Sometimes you need them open to handle business operations – uploading files, sending orders to your fulfillment center, etc. A VPN is a simple and secure way to ensure authorized users can access the services they need, while keeping everyone else out.
  • HTTPS and HSTS, and CSP, Oh My - Look, it’s 2020. If your site isn’t forcing HTTPS, that’s a bad thing. But there’s additional steps such as HSTS, that can help keep your visitors even safer. You can even further up your game with Content Security Policy (CSP) headers on external resources, giving your visitors extra peace of mind.
  • CDN - Content Delivery Networks such as Cloudflare (our of our favorites) do more than help your site load faster; they can help prevent nasty attacks such as like DDOS, and, properly configured, can help mask your site’s actual IP address from nefarious traffic.

Platform Integrations

Technologies are evolving at a near-exponential rate. As this evolution occurs, the need to allow two completely different systems to communicate is quickly becoming on of the largest requests we receive here at Rucksack Digital. This can be as standard as getting your sales data out of your eCommerce system and into QuickBooks, to something as advanced and processing EDI data from a legacy data warehouse and importing it into your CRM to power marketing campaigns. Whatever the need, we’re here to help. There’s not too much we haven’t seen.

Platform Migration

Buyer’s Remorse - it happens. An agency sold you on some amazing CMS, only for you to find out 6 months later it can’t scale to your needs, or you can’t find anyone to support it. Or, your license fees are out of control and you need a new solution. But – what do you do with all your current data?

We got our start in the healthcare industry, migrating proprietary data formats out of legacy systems and into the EDI standard. Nowadays we spend a lot of time migrating eCommerce platforms, ensuring customer purchase data is retained for future retargeting in the new system.

The bottom line – if you have data in X and need to get it into Y, we can probably help. 

Cloud Environments - AWS & Azure

Sometimes, standard hosting just won’t do. For mission-critical, highly-available, scalable environments, let us help you design your infrastructure like the pros. We’ve built out both cloud-based and co-located, physical infrastructures for some pretty big companies.

Sitecore Development

That’s right, we’ve got Sitecore experience, with advanced developer certifications on both their CMS and DMS.

General Technical Support and Training

“Did you try rebooting?” We’re here with that just won’t work.


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