Simple pricing. Discounts available for long-term and recurring projects.
We bill in 15-minute increments. Travel time less than 60-min round-trip is not billed.
Also - and we don't charge you every time you pick up the phone to call us. That's silly.
Standard Rate
All services are billed in 15-minute increments. Travel time less than 60min (round-trip) is not billed
Most services:
standard website development
meetings / training
compliance audits
$100 /hr
Think of your website like a vehicle - if you never take it into the shop, eventually something will break; and it's almost always cheaper to proactively maintain than reactively fix!
We offer customer-tailored monthly and quarterly maintenance retainer packages designed to help keep you up-to-date, whether that’s your company network, a mobile app, or a website.  Based on your needs, we will customize a monthly package that includes a set number of hours and a list of services. 

We understand that some months will be busier than others, so we typically allow for a given number of hours to roll over to the next month, for up to 3-months. This means if you only use 15 of your 20 hours one month, you have 25 hours the next month to work with.
$75-90 /hr
Advanced Development
Quite frankly, some things are in a little more demand!
Some of our services are more specialized and require a unique skillset and additional training / certifications. Those include:

Sitecore Development
EDI-related consultation and development
Healthcare industry (HIPAA) work
$150 /hr
We're always excited to work with and extend discounted services to those with registered non-profit status.  Please Contact Us for details.
$Call Us
Hard Costs
We buy it and maintain it
We encourage our clients to purchase hosting plans and software licenses directly from their sources so there are no surprises when renewals come due. We can purchase these for you, but they will be billed at cost + 20%.
20 % Markup

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